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    All of our products undergo strict quality controls before being offered to customers. High quality is our benchmark.

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    We offer high-quality and well thought-out products at affordable prices in line with the “Affordable Premium” principle.

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    The design of our various products is characterized by little frills, clean shapes and attention to detail.

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  • hookahbloggernrw

    The price is absolutely amazing for a shisha that is compact and all-in-one.
    The YODA shisha is perfect for outdoors, festivals or with friends.
    The shisha is very successful, everything fits, the carrying bag is ready for the trip because everything is included, from the clay head to the hose.

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  • Georg

    Super charcoal lighter with an integrated basket. It takes about 7 minutes to ignite the charcoal (turn once). If you use an aluminum windscreen (chimney) again, it is enough to leave the charcoal on it for about 6 minutes without turning it. (Caution could be related to the lifespan of the affect product)Anyway, the price performance is quite normal.

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  • SNA

    I'm really surprised at the good quality. Surprising how good the taste and smoke development is.

    Excellent quality and easy to transport.

    The design is also very chic! A real eye-catcher!

    A clear recommendation from me ✔️

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  • Kevin Jochum

    The head is very heavy compared to most other shisha heads, so it feels like it stores a lot of heat. Depending on the tobacco, you can even save one charcoal and only smoke with 2 pieces.
    If you take 3 pieces you have a lot of heat and accordingly a very good smoke development...

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